img_6746Hey I hope you are all having a wonderful day! This is technically my first post of reviewing products etc so I hope you enjoy!

My skin type is oily and spot prone, when I was younger I used to use the cheapest skin products from pound world what I thought would help my skin….. I was wrong! They made my skin so bad my confidence dropped to a real low and I would get bullied because of my skin. I remember my friend Estelle telling me to try lush skin care products Because all of there products are all natural ingredients and there are no nasty chemicals and animal testing involved…. Let’s just say she got me hooked! I mainly use three skin care products from lush and these are: TEA TREE TONER WATER, MASK OF MAGMINTY AND DARK ANGELS

I love mask of magminty not only does it smell like after eights but the benefits to the skin are fabulous! I either use this or catastrophe cosmetic every other day! Review of catastrophe cosmetic will be up soon!


TEA TREE TONER WATER! I use this toner spray twice a day and it definitely helps with oil production and helping stop spots! This spray is so refreshing and for £4.95 for a 100g bottle ( this will last me 4 months) it’s a no brainier to buy this when you are next in lush! It’s also not harsh so would be good for sensitive skin as well!

I highly recommend this cleanser for oily skin, the smell of it instantly relaxes me. Charcoal helps suck oil out of the skin and gives a really deep cleanse! I use this product every 2-3 days 



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