Hey everyone! This post will be reviews on the three BUBBLEROONS from lush! I crumbled all three of these into jars as seen below!

I bought GREEN BUBBLEROON because it was being discontinued and I really wanted to try it. I however know wish I hadn’t. In store the scent ( the grass family scent) smelt subtle and I thought this would be lovely with guardians of the forest bath bomb. When I crumbled this and put it in the jar I instantly got a horrible smell which smelt like mould ( and no it’s not because it’s green!) I ended up using this bubbleroon twice and then donating it to my little cousin who loves this scent! Over all I think if you enjoy the grass scent is a persons by persons opinion but for me I’m pleased they are discontinuing this product to make way for a new one!

YUZU AND COCOA: I decided to pick up this BUBBLEROON after picking up the shower cream version and being obsessed with the scent! I liked that the here wasn’t lustre on this product because I don’t feel like it would of suited it’s whole look and smell etc. As I mentioned before I crumbled this into a jar and so far I use this product on average in every other bath! The scent states that it smells of chocolate oranges however I feel it has more of a coconut scent. Overall I love this product but not as much as rose jam! ( currently using my fourth one!)

Rose jam has the most loveliest strong aroma of just very fresh Turkish roses ( not stating the obvious of course!) all of the BUBBLEROONS contain a melt inside to stick the two halves together! I personally love this because it’s a two in one product. I crumble all my bubble bars and they go into little jars ( post of my collection will be up soon) I do this because I feel like you get more use out of the product itself but it’s also looks really nice on display! I tend to pair this bubble bar with quite a weak scented bath bomb like butterball or blackberry ( just so the scents don’t clash). I also use the shower gel with it as well. Overall this (and TWILGHT) are my favourite scent families from lush so this out of all three BUBBLEROONS has to be my favourite ☺️

I hope you all enjoyed this review and remember to check out my lush Instagram @lush_is_groovy and also comment if you want any reviews xoxo



    1. Awwwh Thankyou! The jars are from ikea☺️ I highly recommend rose jam the scent is so lovely and calming 😌 if you went lush shopping with me you would end up spending 3x the amount you have on you😂😭xxx


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