👻Pumpkin bath bomb review! 👻

Hey  everyone I hope you are all having a wonderful day/night! This blog post will be a review on the new edition to the Halloween lush range pumpkin bath bomb. As soon as I saw this product was added to the Halloween line I was so excited to purchase it! I went to lush the day after the hallowe’en edition products where released but sadly they only had monster ball left. However I went back a few days ago and they where fully stocked up! 

The scent of this bath bomb is very lemony and reminds me of dragons egg bath bomb. I adore this scent as it makes me feel really awake and relaxed! Great to use in the morning! 

I always halve my bath bombs so I can demo one and then combine the other halve with another bath bomb 

I will probably use the other halve with lom bath bomb for a spooky bath!👻

This is the bath cocktail I used with pumpkin bath bomb! Below is the bath art I did with this bath bomb

Here I used brightside bubble bar, yuzu and cocoa bubble bar and shower cream👻I thought these scents really complimented each other! 

My verdict: I had high hopes for this bath bomb but it fizzed away within About 5 seconds and for me I hate fast fizzers. It also didn’t make much of a pattern which I enjoy as well. Overall this bathbomb was pleasant and the scent was so lovely but for me £3.95 for a super fast fizzing bath bomb just isn’t worth it in my opinion. I will not be purchasing this bath bomb again ( as much as I adore the scent ) 

I hope you all enjoy this review and comment your view on the bath bomb! 👻 


9 thoughts on “👻Pumpkin bath bomb review! 👻

    1. Thankyou! I basically get a knife and find the weak point in the bath bomb, then I position the knife and get a hard rock or rolling pin and hit it hard! I recommend doing it outside as it can be really loud and you don’t want to hit your cat by accident with the rolling pin 😂 hoped I could help X

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      1. Thankyou so much 💗 I am going to get some of the Lush Halloween products when I go as I still haven’t managed to go and pick some up yet and I was wondering what you would recommend to me? I’m not a huge fan of all glitter so the pumpkin bubble bar wouldn’t be the best solution for me 😂 What would you say your fave bath bomb of the Halloween stuff is? x

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      2. Ohh going to lush is so exciting! I highly recommend monster ball bath bomb! Look on my first post I did some bath art of it! The scent is so lovely! Autumn leaf looks pretty but the scent is to earthy for me! Definitely check out out my recent haul I had some Christmas products featured on it what may help give you ideas!☺️💜xxx

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