Hey guys I hope you are taking those 5 extra minutes to pamper yourself! As you all know I love lush so I thought I would show you my smallish bubble bar collection! 

As you can see these are all my bubble bars in the jars, my two reusable bubble bars and pepping santa! Pepping Santa is hitting the chopping board soon! 

Bubble bars names left to right

Rose jam, creamy candy, candy mountain, the comforter, YUZU and cocoa, brightside, green, Big Bang

Magic wand and magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar! Both from the Christmas range! These are both so lovely although I hate that the glitter comes of on the first use. I tend to re glitter them every few goes.

All my non chopped bubble bars: milky , rose jam , brightside, green, pepping Santa

A pretty array of colours! I purchase these jars from ikea and they are 4 for £1.50

Isn’t pepping Santa just the cutest! 

I’m sorry this blog post wasn’t long but I will be editing this on the plane tomorrow as I am on off on holiday so expect a lot of blog posts!

Bye guys x



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