LUSH HAUL! Featuring Christmas and Halloween products 👻

Hey guys this was my recent lush haul from last weekend but I have been so busy I haven’t had time to write this post but finally here it is! I went into lush at lakeside and said to myself I will put whatever I want in my basket and not to worry about money I DONT ADVISE DOING THIS! I was stressing out so much at the till if I had spent over £50 which was all the money I had on me! I love lush so much at this time of the year!!!

Here are a few pictures I took in the store! 

Anyway here is my haul! The second picture is what I got two days before this massive haul!

From top left: 

Butter bear bath bomb: £1.95 

LOM bath bomb : £3.95

Pumpkin bath bomb: £3.95

Rose jam bubbleroon: £3.95

Pepping Santa bubble bar:£3.95

Honey bee bath bomb:£3.50

Think pink  bath bomb :£2.75 

Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar:£5.95

Mmmmelting marshmallow moments bath oil: £2

Catastrophe cosmetic face mask:£6.95

Snow fairy shower gel : £3.95

Rose jam shower gel: £4.95

Magic wand:£5.95 

Bubbly shower gel:£4.95 

Diamond bath bomb :£1 ( wilko) 

I was so happy with this haul and definitely stocking up on a few of these! ( definitely the reusable bubble bars!) 

I hope you all enjoyed my haul post and I’m sorry it wasn’t very informative, comment below if you want reviews on any of these products! Thankyou all for reading ☺️🦄


6 thoughts on “LUSH HAUL! Featuring Christmas and Halloween products 👻

    1. Well when they are wet they can stain surfaces so I leave mine in a dish over night to dry of and then I simply wrap them back up in cling film till the next use! I highly recommend the reusable bubble bars on the sticks! The Christmas lush range has some great ones out this year! I think magic wand ( the pink star) is the best one to try out first because the scent isn’t to overpowering and it smells like snow fairy!☺️💕xxx

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