Hey everyone I hope you are all bracing the cold weather and like me super sad that the Halloween lush range is stopping on monday😭 luckily in the uk LOM bath bomb is staying till Christmas so I can stock up in the sale! From first impressions in the store I hated the scent of this bath bomb and decided to not pick one up. When I went back to lush a few weeks later I braved it and bought one! 

Here is a picture of the haul when I bought this bath bomb! 

( blog post of this haul is up!) 
As you all know I always halve my bath bombs because I like to mix one half with another half and use the other half on its own. Here is another picture of the bath bomb halved.

The inside of the bath bomb is such a beautiful colour and by this time I was in love with the scent!

This is the bath cocktail this bath bomb featured in!

Magic of Christmas bubble bar went perfectly scent wise with LOM bath bomb due to it being an almonds scent. I used green bubbleroon because the colour went went well with the LOM bath bomb.

This is the overall result

It is such a surprise when you hear popping candy ozzing out of the middle. Here is a picture I captured.

Overall I adore the black pepper and patch poi scent of this bath bomb and I’m decently stocking up in the sales! I hope you all  have a lovely Halloween and stay safe I will be enjoying another one of these lovely bath bomb! 

💀Stay pampered 💀


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