Hey guys, I’m first of going to apologise that  I haven’t wrote a blog post in over a month. Recent family event has made me so so busy and distracted but now I can get back to what I love!

So this is the little lush order I did when ordering rose jam shower jelly. However this is the replacement order due to the first order the rose jam shower jelly had leaked and monsters ball had fizzed away. Lushwecare  where so so lovely and sent replacements free of charge.

Aren’t the Polaroids just adorable! I only have one so far😬🌹

I do love doing little photo shoots with lush products!

I find like most others that shower jellys are best to use when chopped up into small pieces.

In my opinion this is the  best smelling rose product, due to the Turkish rose scent being so much stronger in the shower jelly as opposed to the bubbleroon or the shower gel.

Overall I adore this product and if and when it’s in the kitchen next I highly recommend you purchase it because you won’t be disappointed 💜 Also guys exciting news…… I AM DOING BLOGMAS!!!!



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