Hey guys, so I am doing BLOGMAS!!! Every day I will be doing a  blog post which will be shaped around lush. This will include, reviews, demos, hauls and just an update on my crazy life!  You can also comment any reviews/ demos you would like me to do.

Anyway let’s get on to the post itself!

1. I love lush because it helps calm my anxiety drastically and it also relives stress. Whether this is having a lovely rose scented bath or having a Simple twilight shower I instantly feel less tense and my mind feels more clearer.

2. Lush do not test on animals and this is an ethos they talk about a lot. I love this because although it should be like this with most companies it isn’t.

3. There skin care products have drastically help get my skin into better condition. I used to be bullied for having really bad acne and oily skin but when my friend gave me a coal face sample I was instantly hooked on how cleansing and anti bacterial removing the skin products are. Now I probably go over the top with skincare but your skin can never me to clean! ( technically it can 😂)

4. The lush community is so so amazing! I have made some lovely friends through the lush community which have helped me through some really tough times and still are supporting me. Wether that’s sending me a message asking how my day is going or writing a long letter saying that”we will always support you”. This amount of generosity is unexplainable and I honestly don’t know what I would do without my fellow Instagram lush lil beans! 

5.  Some of there products are exclusive to donating to charities!for example  charity pot donates to various little charities to help support local communities. All the money from the exclusive bath bomb error 404 was donated to raise awareness about Internet shut downs across the world. #keepiton 
So this is why I love lush! I could honestly write one hundred reasons why I love lush but I would be here till Christmas😌

I hope you all have a lovely day/lovely night and I look forward to sharing my next blog post with you guys!

Xoxo happy bathing 🛀🏽


5 thoughts on “BLOGMAS: DAY 1 and 2: WHY I LOVE LUSH

    1. Thankyou! Sounds so lovely! Umm well my favourite products from the Christmas range this year are star dust bath bomb, magic wand reusable bubble bar, bubbly shower gel and candy mountain bubble bar! Will follow your blog💜💜xxx I also have a new YouTube channel which is dedicated to lush! lushisgroovy! Xxx

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