Hey everyone! Only 22 days till Christmas ahhh!!! It’s strange Because I am such a Christmas lover but after this hard year and recent events I have only started to feel festive. This blog post will be up  late due to me being at a wedding all day of the 3rd! This is also BLOGMAS day 3 and 4 combined due to me having no time to write another post. Anyway let’s get on with the review!

This shower gel used to be only available in lush Oxford street HOWEVER it is now under the exclusive selection on the lush website! This is so so great for other lush lovers who cannot get to London to visit! It makes me wonder if there will be more exclusives bought out in the Oxford street store……

The shower gel format of twilight in my option is more lavender scented as opposed to the bath bomb or luxury lush pud. However mr sandman is so much more lavender scented and I can’t stand it. I really enjoy the twilight scent family because the scent is lavender and this scent is supposed to relieve anxiety and release happy endorphins. I always use this scent family combo when I have had a really bad anxious day.

As you guys know I love to do bath cocktails

In this bath the twilight scented products where

  • Mr sandman dusting powder
  • Sleepy body lotion
  • Icklebabybot
  • Dream time bath oil
  • Twilight shower gel.

then the other couple of products are

  • Grass bubble bar
  • Home made bubble bar
  • Milky bubblebar

Overall if you love lavender and twilight products you will love this shower gel! I am so happy for other lush lover that this is available online now! Comment below your favourite shower gel from lush!

Xoxo happy bathing😌🛀🏽


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