BLOGMAS DAY 8 AND 9: snow fairy shower gel review

                         SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL REVIEW!

Hey everyone i hope you are all having a wonderful december packed full of fun,food and family! These last few months have been particular hard and challenging for me so i have really been reaching out to lush more as my stress and anxiety relief. This means i have spent a lot more money than i should in lush…. oh well! i buy the majority of my clothes in charity shops so i have money that way so why shouldn’t i spent it on something i enjoy?


The first time i had the opportunity to try snow fairy shower gel was last christmas. My mum bought be the “little snow fairy gift set” this included 100g of snow fairy shower gel and a small pink fun!img_0468

When i was younger and would think of lush, snow fairy would be the only product i knew the name off. In my opinion the shower gel is a bit over rated, yes it smells like candy floss and bubblegum  and lovely sweets but this is such a sweet overwhelming scent it may not appeal to everyone.



I would typically use this shower gel as a bubble bath as its to sweet for me to use as a shower gel. However in the boxing day sales i will be picking up a 250g of snow fairy just so i can use it as a bubble bath throughout the year.


I hope you enjoyed this blog review and i am currently typing this on my new mac! this means my blog reviews will be a lot more frequent.

xoxo happy bathing












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