Hello anyone who is taking 5 minutes to read this blog post! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and in high spirits. If you are unaware on whammy blog is, its dedicated to the amazing company lush!  As the Lord of misrule bath bomb is highly raved about i thought it would be highly appropriate to do a mini review of this bath bomb first



So this was the first time i had purchased this bath bomb as i was never keen on the scent. in the store i bought the bath bomb on a whim as i know there is a massive craze about this little green beauty!

As you guys are probably familiar i always halve round bath bombs, so i can two baths out of the product.

When i put the bath bomb in the water i was instantly shocked on how stunning the scent and the pattern was!




This bath bomb was a new addition to the lush halloween 2016 range, when i purchased this bath bomb i had not encountered any demos so i was unsure on what the outcome would be.


To me the scent reminds me of dragons egg bath bomb, very citrussy. I was disappointed with this as i hoped it would have a more warm and spicy scent.


( The standard procedure of me halving bath bombs!)



Overall this bath bomb was a bit of a disappointment, for £3.95 it lasted about fifteen seconds in the water. Personally i love slow fizzing bath bombs as they give amazing bath art! I would not purchase this bath bob again if it was released next year.



This bath bomb shares the calacus scent i.e. skullduggery bath bomb, calamus shower gel and jelly. I am obsessed with this scent as it makes me feel instantly happy when smelling it! ( some people sniff drugs, i sniff bath bombs)


The bath art from this bath bomb is truly incredible! it turns the water into a beautiful dark blue which reminds me of blue ink! I am so annoyed that i didn’t stock up on these lil cuties, but they feature in some of the Lush christmas gift sets so hopefully in the boxing day sales i will pick up a gift set which features this bath bomb!


Well this was a very long post! As this blog post took much longer to write as opposed to the others this will cover three days of blooms. I hope you  are all having a wonderful time in this festive season! x






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