Blogmas day 23 and 24: My plan for my blog in 2017 and my social medias

Hey  chummys i know this blog post is late but i have been so busy! I thought this post could be non lush related but will explain my plans for my blog in 2017 and my social medias.

In 2017 i really hope for my blog to expand ( currently i am at 24 followers) and my goal would be 100 followers . Although this seems like so much i really hope the hard effort pays off and that more people will enjoy my content! For me to achieve this i will need all the readers who follow my blog  to help! I would like you all to comment one product you would like me to review and any other blog content suggestion! If anyone could comment how i could improve my blog that would mean so much as well!

As most of you are aware i am on a few other social medias, these include

  • Youtube

img_3278( This screen shot was taken as soon as i uploaded the demo, hence why there are no views,comments and likes!) Go follow my youtube!

  • Instagram: Lush_is_groovy

img_3358Go follow my lush instagram! I post demos, bath art pictures and hauls!

  • Instagram: Ge0rgina_182



Following me on my other social medias will enable you all to keep up with my day to day life and ask any questions you are unsure about lush!

I know this blog post was very random indeed but i thought it was necessary to write! Comment below if you sub to my youtube and follow my instagram!


I hope you all have a lovely christmas! So 25 days of blogmas  is over now 😦 i have to say its been very hard to keep up with a blog post every day  and next year i am pre writing posts! So i guess whats left to say is have an amazing christmas! My next post will be my boxing day haul!

happy bathing XOX


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