Hey chummys! So i have been really eager to write this blog post but i have not found the right  time! Today i have decided to show you guys what lus products i got for Christmas AND other bath products! ( boxing day haul post will come separately).

So lets get into it!
If anyone of you follow me on instagram you will know i was ill all of Christmas day so we basically had Christmas on boxing day. So the wait to see family was even  longer!




So “santa” very kindly bought me the soaper stars gift set from soap and glory! Here is what was included in the gift set:


( orangeasm was a gift in a christmas cracker)


The righteous body butter smells of the signature soap and glory scent which is my favourite! This gift set also came with pink fluffy socks and a bath sponge!



These sample products where kindly from my mum! They are as followed;

  •  four soaps which came in gift set
  •  A skin moisturiser sachet sample
  • Cherry blossom hand cream sample
  • Peach bath fizzer
  • Cherry blossom shower gel

These all smell amazing and such a lovely and thoughtful gift considering how expensive this brand is!

( Using the cherry soap in the shower!, these type of pictures always make my phone wet..)



These beautiful gifts where from my lovely friend jess! We did a lush Christmas present swap!

Aren’t the samples so cute!
i was so  happy when i saw that she had gifted me sleppy body lotion! I had been letting my two samples last as i was waiting for the boxing day sales!

Over and over bath bomb has the same design concept of roller and never mind the ballistics, half bathbomb and half bath melt.

This cutie is called santasaurus reusable bubble bar! This reusable bubble bar was a brand new addition to the 2016 lush christmas range. It shares the same scent with shooting with the stars bath bomb (  honey i washed the kids scented) I love the honey scent of this bubble bar! Comment below if you would like a full review on this bubble bar!


A few months prior to christmas my nana let me pick out a few goodies from lush as part of my christmas presents. However when i opened the adorable box she had put everything in it turns out she went back and got a lot more!


Products from top left corner and going across:

  • Magic of christmas reusable bar
  •  Candy mountain bubble bar
  • Magic wand reusable bar
  • Lord of misrule shower cream 100g
  • Snow fairy shower gel 250g ( link to the review of this product)
  • Rose jam shower gel 250g
  • Bubbly shower gel 100g
  • Shoot for the stars bath bomb
  • Star dust bath bomb
  • Lord of misrule bath bomb

Half of these products where completely unexpected and where such a generous gift from my nana and grandad! ( every time my grandad is round he loves to smell all my products!)

All the bubble bars and bath bombs have been wrapped up now with clingfilm or in resealable bags,this is to keep them fresh. If you would like any reviews/ demos on here or on my youtube comment down below!



So on top of receiving all these lush goodies and other presents from my nana and grandad i was really delighted when i opened an adorable bomb cosmetics gift set!


The content of this gift set is three christmas bath bombs:


They all smell absolutely  lovely and bomb cosmetics has to be my second favourite bath product company! although i would love them to stat making bubble bars, i bet they would sell super well!



She was so lovely and kind and bath related she bought me

  • One error 404 bath bomb
  • bomb cosmetics bath melt!


The scent of this bath bomb is amazing, in my opinion it smells of burnt vanilla! The bath melt smells of a  beautiful earthy scent!


So i hope you all enjoyed this blog post on what i got for christmas bath and body related! Comment down below if you want any reviews on any of the products mentioned and if you received any of these gifts for christmas! my next blog post is rather exciting so keep your eyes peeled for that! This took so long to write so please like and even leave a comment! I hope you all had an amazing christmas and i apologise for this being rather late, I wish you all a happy and healthy 2017

happy bathing xox





12 thoughts on “WHAT I GOT FOR LUSHMAS! 

  1. I reckon you should do a post on Bomb Cosmetics, because I don’t know much about them but hear loads – and see lots of products through all the Lush accounts I follow, so maybe a future post on their products! In terms of Lush specific ones i’d say a review of Over and Over simply because I have never had it but people are so hyped! I’ve had never mind the ballistics and the look Is similar but I don’t know about the performance, colours, scents, or anything about over and over! But whatever floats ya boat lovely XXX


      1. They do, do a bigger size tube as one of my friends had one in her bag which I remember seeing. I’ve not tried the perfumes, I’ve not actually seen Lo’octaine for sale round near me. I’ll have to keep and eye out for it xxxx


      2. A friend of mine had a bigger tube, they’re about the same size as the hand creams from Body Shop. I’ve not tried the perfumes, I’ve not actually seen this brand sold anywhere near me. I’ve been looking cause I love the hand cream so much xxx


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