Hey chums , i hope you have all had a lovely first few days of 2017 and feeling fresh and recovered from christmas. I am certainly not enthusatic to be going back to college but i am achieving well so it should be fine!

I have been looking forward to the lush boxing day sales for ages so when i became ill on christmas day i was so worried that i wouldn’t be able to get there and get some goodies. But alas i did mange to get to the sales but heck it was busy! So my local store opened at 10.30, so me and my grandad got there for 10.00. When approaching the store i saw a massive line and my heart sank, was thinking there would be nothing left, it would be so busy and i would have panic attack and have to leave… Anyway so it got to 10.30 and we where all allowed in the shop at once, there must of been at least 30 people in front of me and straight away they ran to the gift sets. They where practically fighting each other for them and some people where taking up to 10 gift sets each, yes you heard me 10! They where piled up very high. I personally thought this was unfair on other customers behalves as we did not have the oppurtunitys to purchase them, but from lushes point of view its all money to them.

So  me and my grandad each grabbed a basket and literally ran over the where the main christmas items where on sale(If you weren’t aware it was 50% of all christmas and halloween items and any products made before October) it was absolutely packed and crammed in and my this moment i could feel a panic attack coming on. My grandad could sense this and he asked me what i wanted. I told him to pick up as much as he could. When it got a tad less busy i joined him back over at the table and saw with dismay that there where no shower gels, sleepy body lotion, snow fairy body conditoner etc. So i asked a member of staff and she said whatever is out is all the stock they had left, but then she added they had boxes of candy mountain bubble bars and went and got 3 for me. I think she could sense i was really anxious and this small gesture really helped me. Once getting as many christmas products i could i went around the store looking for 50% of standard line products, i managed to pick up two shower gels which was great! Just as we where about to approach the tills a lady asked me if i wanted  a 500g bottle of bubbly and a sprout knot wrap as she didn’t want them, i took them and was so thankful that there where some lovely people in the store that day.

All in all the full price of what i bought would of cost £128 however half price it came to £64 so in my opinion this was a great saving. So 2 full baskets and 3 massive bags later i had left the sales!

So you are probably bored by now and maybe even of left this post however i am now about to show you all what i purchased!


In all i purchased 29 products so averagely each product costed £2.20 which is great!


From top left to bottom right:

  • 1 x never mind the ballistics bath bomb

  • 2x golden wonder bath bombs ( i gave one to my sister)


  • 3x butter bear bath bombs


  • 2x Shoot for the stars bath bombs


  • 2x autumn leaf bath bombs


  • 3x candy mountain bubble bar


  • 2x christmas penguin bubble bars


  • 2x star dust bath bomb



  • 2x jester reusable bubble bar


  • 1x wash that man right out of my hair shower gel 100g
  • Don’t rain on my parade shower gel 100g
  • Santas belly shower jelly
  • bubbly shower gel 500g


  • Igloo soap


  • Little sprout knot wrap



So i hope you all enjoyed seeing my lush christmas day haul! i was disappointed that there wasn’t any sleepy body lotion left but still on the look out!

Comment down below if you went to the sales in the stores and what you bought! I gathered that the online sale was terrible 😦 Also if you would like any demos/ reviews comment and of course i will!

Have lovely day!

Happy bathing xox



  1. I love this! You’re such a creative writer! I didn’t go in stores however I did get want to believe bath melt (kitchen item!), golden slumbers bath bomb, lom shower cream and hiwtk soap! (Half of those items weren’t in the sale, ha ha!) x

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      1. I did have to wait in line for about 6 hours!! But luckily it didn’t crash when I was ordering and I got 2 Father Christmases, 2 never mind the ballistics, an igloo soap, a shoot for the stars and the last golden wonder (I tried to get 2 but I couldn’t). I am going to do a blog post on it in a couple weeks.

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  2. demo/review of the bubble bars – jester/santasaurus because although these caught my eye over Christmas I never got either! Lovely post, I went to the sales but not on purpose, and not on boxing day – but a few days after, and there were still some products on sale but I just got Life’s A Beach shower scrub and Eyes Right mascara. X

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