Hello everyone! So i have decided that i will be uploading two to three blog posts per week! These will all be scheduled for 6 o clock but the upload day may vary.

The candy mountain bubble bar is a yearly limited edition christmas product. This retails in the uk for £2.95.


This bubble bar shares the same scent family as creamy candy bubble bar, this scent can easily be confused with the famous “snow fairy” scent from lush. As far as i am aware these two bubble bars are the only ones to share the same scent family.

DREAMY CANDY BUBBLE BAR ( regular line product)

img_8742( excuse the really bad photo it was the only one i had)



Although these bubble bars are the same in scent and partially the same in colour i still had to stock up on these adorable bubble bars! I stocked up on four and yes i would of bought more but i wanted to spend my money on products that where compltely different to the regualr line.


I adore the lustre and just the beauty of this bubble bar! To us this bubble bar i either break off about 1/5 and crumble it in the bottom of the bath or i crumble the whole bubble bar into a jar. I prefer the jar technique because i personally believe you get a lot more usage out of the bubble bar because the bar is more refined ( it’s basically going back to its original state) If i crumble the bubble bar there and then i save half of that and use a sieve to use the rest of it!


Overall i highly recommend this bubble bar and although it is not currently available at the moment if it is released with next years christmas products, which i hope it is i highly recommend you go and purchase it! Not only would it be good for if you wanted to try a cheaper product from lush it would also be a great gift to give to anyone one of any age! Comment below if you have tried this bubble bar and if you haven’t what your favourite bubble bar from lush is!




  1. Such an informative post on Candy Mountain. Wish I had stocked up on some in the Boxing Day sale. Nevertheless I can grab a creamy candy if I’m ever craving one. Just without the lustre. Might be a good thing though! Looking forward to your future posts!

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      1. Ooh this has got me thinking! Seeing we have valentines coming up very soon perhaps a review on one of the products tied in with valentines. Like Prince Charming Shower Cream for example?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That sounds perfect! I have the prince charming shower gel so i will do a little photo shoot with it over the weekend and use in a bath cocktail and i will upload the review on monday/Tuesday! That way you will have an idea what it is like before it is released! X


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