So as it’s a new year I want to try something different on my blog and see how well it turns out! In my personal opinion I feel like you get overcharged when purchasing a gift set from lush. Once you have worked out the standard price of the products you end up paying at least  £6 extra for the packaging. Don’t get me wrong there gift sets are beautiful but if you want the recipient of the gift to get more products why not just make your own! So over  the next couple of weeks I will be explaining  in detail 5 possible DIY gift sets you could make as presents.


  • A budget diy gift set
  •  A young child’s diy gift set
  • Specific scents diy gift set
  • “The wacky” gift set
  • “The clean skin” did gift set 


  •  Find an old shoe box or a box suited to the occasion for example Valentine’s Day
  • Line  the box with wrapping paper or tissue.
  • Write a personalised gift tag! You could even go as far as printing off the pictures of the products and sticking them to the gift tag! Here is an example of the official lush gift tags

Let’s get on to the first diy  gift set!

” ON A BUDGET” diy gift set

So the key with this gift set is to set a price on what you want to spend overall, in this case let’s set a £12 limit. Listed below are products I would recommend for being the cheaper alternatives in lush and in some cases some of the best products!

  • ICKLE BABY BOT BATH BOMB: price- £1.95/ available all year

This bath bomb has a faint lavender scent and turns the water a beautiful cool toned blue shade, this would be great for anyone who struggles to sleep or suffers from anxiety. Would also be lovely for a younger child!

  • THINK PINK BATH BOMB: price-£2.75/ available all year

This bath bomb is a lot smaller as opposed to the standard lush bath bomb size but for the price and the quality of the bath bomb it is worth it. This bath bomb smells a crossover of scents from to candy scented scent families “Snow fairy” and ” Dreamy candy” This bathbomb would be great for someone who is an avid lover of all things pink and sweet.

The bath bomb in action!

(This is a  Picture of the haul I purchased this bath bomb with) 

  • TEA TREE TONER TAB: price-£1/available all year

    ( (credits to the owner off the photo)

  • CREAMY CANDY BUBBLE BAR: price-£2.95-available all year


Not only is this bubble bar really big for the price you pay it also is a gorgeous candy floss scent.If you are a lover of the snow fairy scent you will enjoy this bubble bar because the scent is very similar but not the same. This bubble bar would be a great gift for anyone as th smell is typically something post people would enjoy

  • SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL: price £3.95 for 100g- available with the Christmas range so October to early January.

This shower gel would be great for so one who adores really rich and sweet candy floss scents. The reason why I thought this shower gel would be good for the DIY “budget gift set” because it’s the cheapest shower gel available from lush!

If you are looking for a shower gel/cream which is available all year round and is somewhat similar to snow fairy , buy……. The comforter shower cream!

This shower cream smells of beautiful berries and really can uplift your mood if you are feeling low, not only is it super moisturising it also makes great bubbles! Be warned it is very runny  though!

  • BLACK BERRY BATH BOMB : £3.35- available all year

This bathbomb is my favourite bath bomb from lush! I adore the simple black berry and violet scent it produces when hitting the water.

I tend to halve my bath bombs as they can get rather pricey but this one I love to leave how it is! If you where paring this as a gift  this bath bomb would go great with the comforter shower cream!

  • MMMELTING MARSHMELLOW MOMENTS BATH OIL: Price £2- available all year

( the bath melt is in the upper left )

So if I am honest I am not a fan of bath oils, mainly because with my odd I cannot touch oily substance soi refrain from using the. never the less they always smell amazing and this bath melt would be great to give with the dreamy candy bubble bar because they share the same scent and you would still have change from a £5 note!

So I hope you all enjoyed this DIY gift guide and comment down below what your favourite cheaper lush products are!

Would you like the next gift guide to be:

  • A young child’s gift set



COMMENT BELOW! Stay groovy! XoX



  1. Georgina, what an absolutely fantastic idea! I for one think you get a little bit cheated with the gift sets because the extra you pay for packaging. This is fab because it gives people an idea on stuff they can do themselves and they can make it more personal. I cannot wait to see the next post. I would like to see the one aimed at children as I have a young cousin who’s into bath bombs and I think it would be great to see your suggestions! Keep up the awesome work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much chloe! I was so excited when writing this blog post as i did a DIY gift set for my mum and sister for christmas and they adored them! I will start writing the young child gift set tonight and upload it probably next friday! So happy you enjoyed it! xxx


  2. This is such a good idea. I never actually thought about making my own Lush gift sets as presents for people. I will be doing this for the next birthday that comes up!xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! i made my sister and mum one each for christmas and they adored it! It was also lovely because i could customise what there favourite products where! Tell me what you end up using in your DIY gift set! I am going to be doing a series of various DIY gift sets so if you have any you want me to do, feel free to tell me! Xxx


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