​ So I thought this shower cream would be great to review because I know it’s a very marmite scent, you love it or hate it. The last two previous years I have sniffed this shower cream and always despised the scent. However when going into my local lush with my nana in October she asked me if I wanted to pick up some products for Christmas. One of the products I picked up was this shower cream! So on Boxing Day I opened this shower cream and I had a shower with it… All I can say is my nose must of been going through a crazy stage  because the shower cream smelt amazing! 


It smells stronger than the bath bomb but that is expected due to the shower cream being more concentrated. The shower cream is so much thicker compared to the comforter or Prince Charming shower creams.  This product is released with the Halloween range however it stays until Christmas.  The patchouli is very prominent in this shower cream.

Apparently this shower cream is staying as an OS exclusive, I saw a few posts on my Instagram about it however I don’t think it has been confirmed. I really hope it does because one 100g bottle will not last me ten  months! 

I also love to use shower creams to make bath art and bubbles. I think that shower creams make more bubbles to shower gels but I can’t be to sure. 

This would be a great bath cocktail to do with this shower cream:

I highly advise that if you have been sceptical about this shower cream in the past just pick a 100g bottle up whenever you can! A lot of the time I am unsure on scents but you can only really determine them when you are using them at home. I have a review on the LOM bath bomb if you want to check it out? Hope you all enjoyed this review and comment below your thoughts on this shower cream! 

Stay groovy! XXX



  1. Lovely review, I love it when people find a new found love for a product. It happens with me quite a lot, when I totally disliked a product then come to use it all the time. Question, how do you decide on bath cocktails? Do you just smell them and see if they work, or check for similar ingredients? I barely EVER do them mainly because I think if I did I would go through products so fast but also because unless they are really similar in terms of scents I feel the overall result is often less exciting than just one product at a time if you get that?? haha thanks for the post though, I LOVE LOM, and I hope it does stick around it is lovely. Completely love the bath bomb also because of the bright colours and popping candy!

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    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this review! When I decide on my bath cocktails they are either coloured themed or similar like scents for example a earthy bath could be LOM shower cream, blackberry bath bomb and grass bubble bar. Tbh they are mainly random! Just about to check out your new blog post! I can’t wait! XXXX

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