So i have never reviewed a reusable bubble bar on my blog and @amberdoeslush ( Go check out her blog) asked me to review this bubble bar and santasarus reusable bubble bar! I decided to do jester reusable bubble bar  first as i have used it a few more times as opposed to santasaurus.

So i waited to try this bubble bar until it was in the boxing day sales, yes i held a risk that it wouldn’t be in the sales but i wasn’t going to pay £6.50 for the size of this reusable bubble bar.



I think this reusable bubble bar is very small but don’t let this put you off… it’s small and mighty! This bubble bar was a new addition to the 2016 christmas range, i think it was great idea that lush created a new product to add to this addition because the other two christmas reusable bubble bars are very acquired scents and contain a lot of lustre.


( magic wand reusable bubble bar on the left side and magic of christmas reusable bubble bar on the right side)

This  jester  reusable bubble bar is a great alternative for people who aren’t keen on the other two reusable bubble bars.

In the boxing day sales there was at least 20 of these beauties left and i only picked up two, looking back now i wish i picked up about 5 because i adore them!


Upon first sniff it  smelt extremely like the ” bright side bubble bar” but with a more of an orange kick to the smell. Upon research i discovered that these are both in the same scent family.


When using this reusable  bubble bar under running water i left it under the tap for approximately 20-30 seconds, i continued to swirl it and turn it over that there was even distribution. If you are unaware of what a reusable bubble bar is its basically a bubble bar on a stick what you can use under running water multiple times and it makes the most gorgeous bubbles!

This is the bath cocktail i made when using this bubble bar!

img_4099(left to right0

  • Christmas penguin bubble bar
  • Shoot for the stars bath bomb
  • Jester reusable bubble bar
  • Lord of misrule shower cream

This wacky combo strangely worked and the scents complimented each other amazingly!


So i hope you like this mini review off jester reusable bubble bar! I will be doing a review off the santasaurus reusable bubble bar very soon! Comment below if you like this bubble bar and if you don’t what your favourite reusable bubble bar from lush is!







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