Hey everyone! This is a review on the absolute beauty ” SPACE GIRL BATH BOMB”

So this bath bomb was discountinued back in 2014/2015 ( I can’t remember sorry) I remember back in 2013 my sister bough this bath bomb and i remember thinking you would go to space using it! Ah young me had a wonderful imagination, I was right in the aspect that ” It takes you to another planet! ”                                                                                When they discontinued this bath bomb i was so sad but at the current time i wasn’t a big lush fan.  However back in October they where released on the kitchen due to popular demand via the kitchen vote week. I planned out how many i was going to buy what was going to be 7! However i forget my bank card the day they where released. I was so gutted because i had been so excited to use these beauties again! But my lovely friend Georgie came to the rescue! A week prior to this i had bought her some exclusives in oxford street ( She gave me the money) and she said for my kindness she would give me one off her space girl bath bombs she had ordered. This was so lovely off her because this is her favourite bath bomb!

I wanted to save this bath bomb for a day i was really struggling. I decided to use it the night off my aunties funeral, for me this was an incredibly difficult time and i needed something what could help me relax and feel less upset.

This is the bath cocktail i did that night:


  • Snow fairy shower gel
  • blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bar
  • Space girl bath bomb
  • Dreamy candy bubble bar
  • Plum rain shower gel

This  combination worked amazing together!


This is a side view of the bath art i did that night! I made a rocket shape to of plum rain shower gel! I have mixed feelings about plum rain  shower gel, to me its main dominant scent is the grass scent, which i adore but there is another scent featured in it and i am just not that keen! If you would like a review on plum rain shower gel comment below!


( I thought this turned out rather funky!)

Space girl bath bomb is a very fast fizzing bath bomb, i personally am not keen on this aspect as i adore bath art and with fast fizzes you just don’t get as much off a pretty result.


This took about 30 seconds to completely dissolve, as soon as the bath bomb hit the water the room filled with a beautiful sweet like scent!



This is the end colour result, i overall love this bath bomb, i think it would pair perfectly with fizz banger bath bomb and big bang bubble bar. When these are in the kitchen next i will order about 4, but i will remember to take my bank card!

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Also doesn’t humphrey look adorable with this bath bomb! Comment down below if you have used this bath bomb.


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