Igloo soap ( Christmas 2016 range)

I have only recently started getting into using soaps from lush! Shocking i know but i honestly used to think what was the point in them? When i have a shower i will just use shower gel and  its not as messy and they last longer  i must of been thinking crazy..

The first soap i ever tired from lush was actually a variety of samples sent to me from my lovely lush obsessed instagram friend charlie aka The_lady_lush. She was so generous and sent me various soap samples  which where

  • You nog soap
  • northern lights soap
  • Sexy peel soap
  • Fresh pharmacy soap

After trying out these samples and falling in love with them i was on a mission to find a big chunk off soap from the christmas collection in the sales. I made various posts asking my fellow followers what they recommend and the main one what people where suggesting was “Igloo soap” and “santa’s  post box soap”. I had heard mixed views on reindeer rock so i decided to stay clear of it.

Here are some of the gorgeous displays of the soap in lush!


It always fascinates me how they cut them up!


I adore the idea that the soap always makes a big design for example snow castle soap makes a snow castle!


The next time i managed to go to lush after trying out my samples of soaps was in the boxing day sales. I won’t even get started on the sales as i would be here all day explaining. however i do have a blog post on the sales so check that out if you want to!


The soap i managed to pick up in the sales was ” Igloo soap” i had heard amazing things about this soap and the big chunk off it was half price so it was £3.30!


I was unaware of what colour the soap would be as it could of been one of three colours. I got the green colour and i was more than happy with that! To me the soap smells faintly of rose jam but with a more zesty scent. The soap is not the most moisturising however it lathers really well and you get a nice refreshing cleanse!


I am so happy i got a massive chunk off this soap ( i halved it so it was more usable) because this should last me hopefully till next christmas! I am unsure however if they will bring this soap back but if not it will hopefully make an appearance in the kitchen!

I hope you all enjoyed this review and comment what your favourite soap from lush is below! Also if anyone has tried the new valentines soap can you comment down below your thoughts!

Stay groovy!





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