Hey everyone! I am just going to start of by apologising for not writing a blog post in a while! I have been super busy and not been in the right mind set to write blog posts! However i am back now and ready to get some awesome posts out to everyone!

So when i went into lush in October i was introduced by a staff member to this bath bomb. At first glance i thought how beautiful it looked! However when i smelt it i completely could not stand the scent. To me it just smelt off forests and i wasn’t keen on it at all.

However there was a lot left in the boxing day sales so i decided to pick up 2 on a whim just because the price was such a bargain!

Upon sniffing them at home i was pleasantly surprised in how different they smelt outside the store! Typically i halve most bath bombs but i didn’t with this one due to the shape and i wanted to film a demo for my youtube channel.

This is the bath cocktail i used with this bath bomb!img_5233

Left to right:

  •  Bubbly shower gel 500g
  • Green bubblreoon
  • Autumn leaf bath bomb
  • Igloo soap
  • Lord of misrule shower cream 100g

I have to say i was rather proud of this!img_5240

This is the full frontal shoot of the bath art.


This earthy and orange scented combo worked a treat together! Green bubbleroon was a perfect partner to autumn leaf bath bomb

So when the bath bomb hit the water it instantly started slowly foaming around the edges and a beautiful earthy aroma filled the room!


My personal favourite bath bombs are ones what are slow fizzing, for me they put on so much more off a show and the price almost makes it justifiable.


This bath bomb took approximately seven minutes to completely fizz away and i think this is the longest foaming bath bomb i have used from lush! Not only does the grass scent last for ages on your skin i find this scent is perfect for when my anxiety is bad an i need to go back to basics. The idea of that it smells like you are in a forest can take me to a completely calm place and thats what you need after a long day! I know this is not now available but a great alternative scent and somewhat colour see would be ” Guardians of the forest bath bomb”

I hope you enjoyed this  review on a bath bomb i highly recommend and makes me sad i didn’t get anymore!

Stay groovy! XXX



  1. Thank you so much amber! I put a lot of effort into my photos and people recognising that does make me really happy! They pair together amazingly! I only have 2 more what have to last me 😦 Hopefully they may make an appearance on the kitchen later on in the year? xxxx


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