Hey everyone and welcome to another review on my blog! Today i am going to be talking about Pepping santa bubble bar. There is so much to say about this cutie!


This bubble bar has been part of the christmas range for a number of years. The bubble bar is part of the ” Yummy yummy  ” scent family. To me it smells of strawberries and deliciousness , so good i could almost eat it, and you can… kind of!

The eyes are actually made of real chocolate! Lush love to do this in some of there sweet smelling bath products and i think this feature is adorable! However unless a zombie apocalypse occurs and pepping santa is the only thing you have to eat.. i don’t advise it!

What i love about this bubble bar is that i find it pairs well with pretty much every scent. Here are some bath cocktail recommendations i have done which i reccomend!




So as you can see this bubble bar is highly versatile with scent matching! The white ” cream” in the middle is actually a bath melt and is very moisturing .I find i get about 6-8 uses out off the bubble bar, this is only because i am very sparing with them as i only have 3 and need them to last! So i hope you all enjoyed this review/ pictures! Comment down below if you have tried this bubble bar  and if you are a fan!

Stay groovy! XOX



  1. Hey, I’ve I nominated you for an award for your dedication and hard work within the blogging community and I think you really deserve it, check out my recent blog post to find out what to do next! 🙂 xx


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