So i have excited for this parcel to arrive, in fact  excited is an understament, ecstatic is the right word! So in all this order came to come £43.70 which honestly looks really expensive for what i got but this is lush and their products are truly incredible! Enough of me rambling lets see what i got.


( Top left and across)

  •  X 2 lady bird bubble bar = £3.95


  • X1 rose bomb shell bath bomb = £4.25


  •  X1 Over and over bath bomb = £4.25


This bath bomb shares the same concept as ” never mind the ballistics” and ” roller bath bomb” half bath melt, half bath bomb! I love this design as it is extremely moisturising. This bath bomb was available in lush oxford street and in the kitchen back in november.

  • X2 Roller bath bomb = £4.25


I can honestly say i know why there is a massive craze about roller now! The yummy mummy scent is absoluty delicious and i cannot wait to try the shower cream! I highly recommend you order some of these online or pop into Oxford street lush if you live near enough!

  • X2 cupid bath bomb =£2.95


The scent of ‘ cupid bath bomb is not what i expected… Its supposed to share the raspberry  scent of dazzle dazzle bath oil. Yet to meet doesn’t smell like the bath oil at all. Its very hard to describe the scent but to me it kind of smells of trees in the woods?!

  • X2 Unicorn horn bubble bar = £4.25


I adore this bubble bar, it has a beautiful lavender scent so is great to use before you go to sleep. Of course i had to do a unicorn selfie!


I got all the samples i requested and was so happy about this!

  • Imogen rose solid perfume

This soild perfume to me smells rather strange, i cannot smell the rose in this sold perfume but i am very pleased i got to sample it as i will not be buying it.

  • Candy floss showder

This is a rather strange concept, to me it smells of snow fairy/ dreamy candy. I have not used this yet so cannot do a review.

  • Pink peppermint foot lotion

Oh my! I am in love with this foot lotion, it smells of chocolate peppermints and is so moisturising and not greasy. I am going to buy my mum a tub of this for her birthday.

  • Ro’s argan body conditioner


I didn’t realise that this shared the same scent as rose jam, How silly am i! i haven’t had enough time to use this properly so i can’t do a proper review.

  • Ocean salt facial and body scrub

I have been after a sample of this scrub for ages so when one was sent in this parcel i was so happy. It has a very high smell of vodka. I have not used it yet so i cannot give an accurate review.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, comment down below if you would like any in-depth reviews on any of these products. I have uploaded a demo off roller bath bomb to my youtube. My youtube is Lushisgroovy 🙂




  1. Fantastic post! I love lush products and I have also purchased these Lush valentines products and I can’t wait to try them out!😁Xxx


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