So here i am writing another exciting blog post! This is on a christmas exclusive shower gel.. it smells of oranges and just its name will brighten your mood.. you guessed it BUBBLY! I just completely adore the name  of this shower gel and hence the scent matches well with the cheerful name.

Bubbly is part of the celebrate scent family! In the celebrate scent family i have

  • 1 Bubbly shower gel 500g


  • 1 Bubbly shower gel 100g
  • 3 Golden wonder bath bombs


  • 1 Celebrate solid perfume


  • 1 Celebrate 225g body lotion


( If you would like a review on the body lotion,bath bomb and solid perfume just comment and i will do one!)


I originally was not intending to pick up a bigger bottle of this shower gel however when i was in the store on boxing day someone put the 500g bottle down and i asked anyone if it was theirs and they said no so i picked it up! This would of orginally cost £16 but i picked it up for £8 which was a bargain!



Overall i adore bubbly shower gel! To me it smells of beautiful fresh oranges and makes the most prettiest of bubbles! I find this shower gel is so versatile in bath cocktails as it doesn’t have an over powering scent.


For example this concoction worked great as the earthy scents complimented the orange scents.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and comment below if you would like a review on any products mentioned!



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