So i am trying to get all my valentine reviews up as quickly as possible so that you can get my honest opinions about each product. As i like to go into detail etc and talk about other aspects of the product bear in mind that this takes a long time so bear with!

Today i am talking about the adorable cute little bug which is currently in all lush stores across the world for a limited time… if you have guessed that it is  a spider i suggest you quickly leave and do some research on what lush is! Anyone if you hadn’t already guessed its lady bird bubble bar!


I ordered two on my online order as i had only tried this once before two years ago and silly me thought this was a bath bomb!Anyway lets skip past that awkward newbie lush moment….

This bubble bar retails for £3.95 which for a lush exlcuisve isn’t to bad.


So this bubble bar shares a scent combo of two, its very minty ( menthol extracts) but also has a sweet candy  almost snow fairy scent to it as well. What i love about this is that is quite a versatile bubble bar and would work well with pretty much any bath cocktail!


So the bath water went a beautiful deep red and sitting here is ladybirds little friend who is mourning over the crumbling of his alias.



The night i used this bubble bar i actually had a really and cold so i thought that intergalactic would be perfect for its really minty/menthol aroma and the mint in ladybird will compliment it. As i don’t have any minty shower gels i used twilight as my anxiety was quite high this day and i thought these would compliment each other greatly…. and they did!

I hope you enjoyed this review, comment down below what valentines products you want to see reviewed first and i will priories them!





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