I hope you are all having a lovely day! I am currently going through another difficult period in my life. My mum had major surgery and in result of that i have been mainly looking after her and my sister. This has been a handful however lush has always been there for me to calm and relax me after a long day. This blog post was requested by justlushthings so i hope you enjoy this Georgia!


So i orginally bought this body lotion for my mum for her birthday which is on the 25th of February. However when she went into hospital i gave it to her as a gift and she said we could share it seeing as she knows how much of a lush fanatic i am. I actually bought this body lotion for £6 of a Facebook destash group. In my opinion this was an absolute bargain because it was on the lush kitchen for double the price. This body  lotion had been slightly used prior to purchase but only two or so application worth.


So this is how the body lotion arrived, i also ordered a celebrate solid perfume as this was only £5 ( if you would like a review of this comment down below) This body lotion is rather thick and non greasy. For me i cannot use oily creams due to my ocd. So for me the texture of a product is everything.

Celebrate scent family:



  • Golden wonder bath bomb
  • Bubbly shower gel
  • Celebrate body lotion
  • Celebrate solid perfume
  • Celebrate shower gel
  • snow showers shower jelly
  • Super nova bath bomb

( These are the only products i can recall however there are definitely more!)


These two products where featured on the kitchen recently however i ha don money when they where released so i couldn’t purchase them!

Overall i am addicted to the beautiful aroma of  this orange zesty scented body lotion which is released delicately in the air and the skin when applied.

Have you tried Celebrate body lotion? If not are you a fan of golden wonder bath bomb or bubbly shower gel? Comment below!!





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