Roller bath bomb review

So if this isn’t the most wanted and raved about bath bomb across all lushies where have you been?! Roller has caused some serious hype over the last year or so and i was very sceptical on why it is ” Amazing” and now i know why.


This bath bomb is part of the valentines 2017 range and is available in lush oxford street and online. So when i went to do my valentines order online i was gutted that these where sold out already however i kept checking the site and eventually they where restocked! I decided to only order 2 and looking back now i wish i orderd 5!



  • Glogg shower gel ( 250g)£10.95 kitchen exclusive
  • Unicorn horn bubble bar £4.25 Valentines exclusive
  • Roller bath bomb £4.25 Oxford street exclusive/ online kitchen exclusive

This combination although looks wacky scent wise, it was a perfect for complimenting each scent.


I decided to halve my roller because they are extremely difficult to get hold of and that means i get four baths worth now!




So to start with it starts to spew out a heavenly rich strawberry scent and hence the name roller it starts rolling!


Can we just appreciate all the bubbles and the beautiful rainbow!


Honestly i can really see the hype around this bath bomb, it fizzes for ages and produces such a beautiful aroma and bath art.


I do however think that this bath bomb should of been available in all stores due to lush being aware of the massive hype around them and this would of highly benefited them!


So i hope you enjoyed this review and i highly recommend ordering some of these while they are still available, yes they are hard to get hold of but definitely worth it So i hope you enjoyed this review and my next review will be another valentines product.






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