I am so excited to be writing this blog post! This pamper session received a big amount of attraction on instagram and on a facebook lush group. People where asking their friends when they where free to have a pamper session and i thought what a lovely way to bring together friends/family and partners.

So on average i have a sleepover with my friends once a month, this usually consists of watching movies and ordering dominos pizza! However this sleepover i wanted to arrange something different so i arranged that my best friend amy came round for a ” Movie night” and we could order chinesse food from across the world. As she was arriving about 6 i started to get everything ready at 5. I wanted to plan a lovely pamper night for her as she has recently been stressed and needed to give her body some love.



This is what i choose in the end for Amy, she has used snow fairy before round my house and adores the rich lavender scent of sleepy body lotion. I added the pink peppermint foot lotion as an extra as we usually do foot baths as well! I also included a little sweet and a hair band so her hair wasn’t in her  face while doing the face mask. I situated the products on my bed laid out almost like how a hotel does it.When picking out Amy’s products i had to bear in mind that she has very sensitive skin excluding her face. Her facial  skin type is combination so i choose Catastoprhe cosmetics for her but i was bearing in mind that she shouldn’t keep it on for more than 15 minutes otherwise this could cause dry



So these where the products i choose in the end! Orginally i purchased the Celebrate body lotion for my mother for her birthday however when i asked her the simple question of ” What would you like for your birthday” She replied anything but lush. As much as i was kinda disappointed i was so happy i got to keep the celebrate body lotion because  i am in love with it! The cup o coffee face mask had one more application worth ( When i next go to lush i am buying the big tub!)



I really had to add my bath soap dish and the scrabble letters for ascetic reasons! So after we ate the most delicious take away food ( and making a big dent in my purse…) We pursued our long awaited pamper session.






So we both put our facemarks on and Amy left her’s on for 10 minutes and i left mine on for 30 mins. This was because we both have different skin types.img_8312

Amy was reluctant to have a  picture however she did for my blog! Overall she highly enjoyed her pamper night and so did i! I highly recommend doing this with friends if you would like a cheap night in and its also a great way for them to become lush addicts. I Decided to do a RAOK for Amy. If you are unaware of what a RAOK is its basically surprising someone with something and as its being random kindness is shown! ( that did not make sense at all). As amy supports my lush addiction i gifted her a 100g bottle go bubbly shower gel. This is because she adores the celebrate body lotion and they share the same scent. So i hope you all enjoyed this blog post and comment below if you will do this / already have. I am just going to add that all my blog content is my own original work and ideas. Yes some categories may overlap but thats because Lush is such a select subject! I hope you are all having a wonderfull day.










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