So i had originally planned to go to the lush summit however i had an exam on one of the days and work on the next so there was no possible way i could of gone.. it actually turns out on the monday the exam was cancelled so i had a free day on the wednesday 😕 I was so sad that i wouldn’t be able to hear the amazing speakers and get my hands on some incredible products however all hope was not lost! My lovely lush friend Josie who i meet through the Lush community said she would pick me up some products. As soon as i saw that Lush where releasing a bath bomb called ” Groovy kind of love” I knew this was fate and i had to request for 2 of them. Maybe lush named the bath bomb after me…😂



Starting from top left to bottom right

  •  Metaphoris bath bomb:

This bath bomb was originally on sale at the creative showcase back at the end of last year it was retailed at the summit for £4.25. I am sure that this is now an Oxford street exclusive and will be realeased as part of the fathers day range in june. To me this bath bomb smells the nearest to Lord of misrule except from it holds less patchouli vibes and i can definitely detect a lot of cinnamon which i adore! I am kind of sad that this bath bomb isn’t completely black however it produces the prettiest colours when it hits the water!


  • Thundersnow bath bomb:


So this bath bomb made its first appearance at the summit and within a few hours it was all over Lushies instagrams and we where all getting so excited! Am i the only one who thinks it looks like a water melon?! I was really not expecting the scent of the bath bomb being very sweet almost cotton candy like. However i can detect a vague trace of menthol in there as well. I am still unsure if this will be an OS exclusive however i really hope it is! This bath bomb was £4.25 and as it is so big i will be halving it.

  • Yellow submarine bath bomb:


So yet again like Thundersnow this bath bomb made its debut at the summit back in January. When Josie picked up my goodies i asked her to get me a surprise item of her choice. She decided on this one because she said in her letter to me that the same creator who made ” Groovy kind of love” created this bath bomb so thats why she decided on this one. Honestly its so hard to describe the scent of this bath bomb however it is not earthy or floral in anyway. I am so excited to try this bath bomb!

  •  X2 Groovy kind of love bath bomb


Honestly words cannot describe how excited i am that lush have released a bath bomb what has the word groovy in! I honestly could of requested about 9 of these however i was short on money when i made this order. To describe the scent of this bath bomb it is very similar to ” Granny takes a dip bath bomb” which is now been discontinued, however i would say groovy kind of love has a slightly more of a zesty scent. I used one of these bath bombs with bright side bubble bar the other day when my anxiety and old was at an all time high. This completely grounded me back to reality and i had such a good sleep afterwards.

  •  Calacus shower jelly and samples:

Josie was destashing Calacus shower jelly and as i adore the scent of monster ball i had to purchase this off her! I am honestly in love with the uplifting neroli and lemon scent. I am defentily ISO of the shower gel now!

So i already knew she was going to send me a sample of Snow fairy body conditioner because i had never got round to trying it, i am kind of pleased i never purchased it as i am not keen on it however the sample was so lovely to have! I will probably give it to my sister. The other sample which i was not expecting was of SULTANA OF THE SKIN!! When i saw that she had included this i was over the moon. When this was in the kitchen i had £1.20 in my bank account so purchasing it was a no no! I will definitely treasure this sample.

So i am sorry if this blog post isn’t as long as they usually are however i have so may blog posts i need to write! Oh and i am off to lush AGAIN tomorrow so lets pray to the bathing gods that i will not spend my whole months wages 😂



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