Sunrise soap review

Sunrise soap is a new addition to the mothers day range 2017, I have only recently started getting into the soaps from lush however i am in love with them! Silly ol me went and bought half the lush store and i had no money left for this soap.  I was so annoyed however a lovely member of staff told me they would get me a sample. I was astounded with how big the sample was!



Isn’t the lustre gorgeous!


So this soap smells of beautiful fresh oranges, it has a more authenic scent than bubbly shower gel. I prefer this because although bubbly is so lovely sometimes i am not highly keen on the synthetic orange scent.


The soap lathers really well however its not very moisturising, this aspect however doesn’t bother me because i do not have dry skin. This sample is so generous it will last me a long time however i will try and pick up another chunk so it can last be throughout the year!

Over all i love the beautiful lustre and fresh orange scent of this soap, i highly recommend if you are a fan of bright side bubble bar or bubbly shower gel that you pick up a chunk or request for a sample!




2 thoughts on “Sunrise soap review

  1. I was tempted by this one but I don’t get on to great with the soaps as they give me a squeaky and dry feeling! Nice post, I might just try a sample 😊

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    1. It is definitely worth getting a sample because then you can determine if you find it drying etc. I find this with soaps like salted Carmel however i just use a body lotion afterwards 😚 Glad you liked the review! x

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