I have been waiting to try this shower cream for so long and finally i have the opportunity to try it! I went to the lush store in Lakeside, London back at the end of February ( Haul post is a few blog posts back). I have heard very mixed views and opinions about the scent and consistency of this shower cream so i was only going to purchase a 100g bottle because i find the shower gels/creams can smell different when out of the lush store. A 100g bottle cost me £4.95 which is a bit more expensive than the standard lush shower creams/gels but this varies due to ingredient content.



The easiest way to describe the scent of yummy mummy is if you have tried Roller bath bomb ( Valentines/ OS exclusive) it is the exact same scent ( Although roller is yummy mummy scent some scent families can vary in different products). This shower cream is the thickest consistency i have ever used from lush. The scent lasts on your skin for hours after which is a bonus!


I love to use this shower cream in a bath if i am not using a bath bomb. The reason is because the scent is so strong on its own you don’t need any more scents. However bubble bar wise i do find that Lady bird bubble bar is a very good companion to it!


Overall if you love very rich strawberry scents you will adore yummy mummy shower cream, however it will not be in stores for long! Grab it before mothers day to ensure you get a lovely bottle! I hope you enjoyed this review and stay alert for  a lush kitchen haul!




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