I am still very unsure if i even like the whole shower jelly design however i had to try this one because i had heard that it shares the same scent as think pink! This shower jelly is a new addition to the mothers day 2017 range. For a small pot it cost me £4.25 which is an average price for a shower jelly.


This shower jelly is suitable for vegans! One thing i am not keen about with most shower jelly’s are that they can sometimes be really watery and runny. However this one isn’t it has quite a dry texture which i love! I however am unsure how beneficial that will be on dry skin.


The main ingredients which are in this shower jelly are:

  • Lavender oil
  • Tonka absolute
  • Vanilla absolute
  • Neroli oil

( I listed them in scent strength )

The lavender at first sniff and use can overpower all the other scents however if you concentrate hardly ( Sounds very strange) you can pick out the others. I can definitely get a faint trace of think pink however i do wish that was more prominent.

IMG_9446If you enjoy products such as Twilight bath bomb, sleepy body lotion and think pink bath bomb you will love this shower jelly! However it will only be available till the 26th of march so buy yours before then to ensure you have it!

I hope you all enjoyed this review of this beautiful vibrant pink jelly monsters!!





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