As this shower gel is now available in all stores i thought doing a review on it would be a good idea! So first of this shower gel is self preserving this is great because it means that the shelf life is a lot longer as oppsessed to a shower gel what isn’t. However i find that even when shower gels/creams go past their us by date they are still fine to use! ( As long as the scent isn’t off or it obviously looks like it is at the end of its life)


This shower gel is a lot thicker than shower gels like rose jam, snow fairy and Dirty spring water. It almost has the thickness of a shower cream but not the same consistency.

The main ingredients in this shower gel are:

  •      Plum juice
  • Mandarin oil ( This brightens the skin)

The scent is absolutely beautiful! It  reminds me of spring and the fresh smell when you first go outside early in the morning ( With the water droplets on the ground). The plum is very prominent but there is also traits of a sweet earthy scent.

This is the bath cocktail i did when using this shower gel in the bath:


The colour of this shower gel is such a beautiful rich purple! It lathers up lovely in the shower and is great for making bubbles in the bath.


Have you tried Plum rain shower gel? What are your thoughts on it?!



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