If anyone knows my lush favourites you will know that LOM falls in my top 5 scent families. I honestly cannot stop raving about the scent, the patcholiou ( I cannot spell) and black pepper is absolutely beautiful! I actually used to hate the Lord of misrule scent however i have grown to like…. actually love it so much.


I purchased this off a destash on a Facebook lush group for £8 and 96p postage. Considering it had only been used a couple of times i thought this was a very reasonable price.

I would say the scent in the solid perfume formula is stronger than the shower cream or bath bomb. However this is expected due to it being a more concentrated formula. This lasts on average about 5 to 6 hours on my skin which is amazing considering i wash my hands so frequently.


I do really think that there should be more LOM scented products in the main line range? Anyone else agree?


What i love about the lush solid perfumes is that they are not at all greasy and will not stain clothing. Honestly lush need to bring out a Lord of misrule shower jelly because that would be insane! When the liquid formulation is out on the kitchen again / if someone is selling it i will definitely be purchasing it!

Are you a fan of Lord of misrule scented products? Have you tried the solid formulation?






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