Madame butterfly bubble bar appeared on the kitchen back on the 22nd of march, it was being sold for £4.50 which i thought was a good price considering it is a reusable bubble bar. It was part of the mothers day range back in 2014 and it appeared on the kitchen again last year.


When it arrived it was a lot smaller than i expected it to be however i could not make a judgement till i had used it.

Main ingredients:

  • Rose absolute
  • Rose oil
  • Geranium oil



The scent of this reusable bubble bar is much  stronger than the rose jam bubbleroon which i love because you get the best of both worlds! ( didn’t mean to make  a Hanna Montana reference!….)



  • Rose bombshell bath bomb ( valentines day exclusive)
  • Rose jam shower gel 250g ( christmas exclusive )
  • Madame butterfly reusable bubble bar ( Kitchen exclusive)


When the butterfly touched the water the most beautiful aroma of turkish rose filled the room,  it was turning the water a bright pink colour and bubbles where forming right in front of my eyes!


When i use the reusable bubble bars i always hold them under the running tap because i feel like that is the best way of getting the maximum amount of bubbles.

If you would like to see it in action on my youtube channel  CLICK HERE


The bubbles lasted for the entire bath and the scent lingered on my skin for hours! If i knew that Madame butterfly was rose jam scented i would of purchased another one!

Did you pick up Madame butterfly reusable bubble bar? If so what are your thoughts on it?



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