Back for breakfast shower gel appeared on the kitchen about a month back however with it being almost £20 for a 500g bottle i had to pass. However much to my excitement a lovely lushie was destashing her never used back for breakfast shower gel for £8.50.


I had always been really intrigued about the fresh organic  grapefruit juice as i adore the scent of grapefruits, i would say that thats not the most prominent scent but it compliments the lemon oil and honey very well. As there is honey included in this shower gel it is not vegan friendly.


The main ingredients in this shower gel are:

  • Fresh organic shower gel
  • Fresh grapefruit juice
  • Honey

Lush state on the bottle that its great to use in the morning to refresh your skin and the grapefruit juice will tone the skin. I never shower in the morning but this would be a great shower gel for me to use after doing aquarobics because the chlorine usually makes my skin itch ( i am very sensory).


This shower gel is not runny at all, its a thick shower gel ( similar consistency  of PLUM RAIN SHOWER GEL . This shower gel is a very similar scent to ” self esteem machine” perfume.

Overall i had higher hopes for this shower gel, i hoped that  the grapefruit would be more prominent but thats not to say that i dislike it, infant i think far from that!
Have you tried Back for breakfast shower gel? if so what are your thoughts on it?!





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