I only picked up one so white bath bomb throughout the time they where being sold, i was honestly really sceptical if i would like to scent as i wasn’t keen of it in the stores.       I picked up a so white bath bomb which was in the Little sprout gift set, in the  LUSH BOXING DAY SALES , however its taken be this long to use it!                                                         They had revamped the look of this bath bomb by adding a green leaf on top and changing the colours which will spew out from the middle.


So white  bath bomb shares the same scent as:

  • Santas belly shower jelly ( review coming soon!)
  • So white perfume
  • So white shower gel










Bar humbug bubble bar and down the rabbit hole bubble bar cut up!


So white is a ballistic bath bomb so it will froth and fizz very slowly, these are my favourite style of bath bombs. (Click here to see a demo on my youtube channel)


The name “so white” does suggest that it will smell of apples and hence the name it does. The freshly cut apple scent is a lot more prominent in the water, i felt like i was in a room full of beautiful fresh apples!


Colour wise i was rather disappointed, i really wish they kept them red in the middle and didn’t switch it the colours to green. This bath bomb is based of a festival/festival ( i heard this when i when to lush when the christmas range was released) however i am unsure what festival/tradition it is.


I honestly don’t know why i shied away from this bath bomb, its an all round versatile bath bomb which can be paired with almost any bath cocktail.

What are your thoughts on So white bath bomb?

If you would like any reviews on certain products comment below!



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