Down the rabbit hole bubble bar was released as part of the alice in wonder land themed kitchen menu Click here for my massive bubble bar haul. This is a bubble bar i have been in search of for a long time because it reminds me of bright side bubble bar and the comforter bubble bar. It was priced for £4.25 for a 150g bar which i think was well priced.



The main ingredient in this bubble bar is Brazilian orange oil,  there a lot of health benefits from  using this oil, this includes:

  •  Anti septic ( will help fight infection on the skin)
  •  inflamed skin
  • internal and external health benefits


Due to the size of this bubble bar i would get about 5-6 baths out of it, the swirls on this bubble bar are absolutely hypnotising and i think they are turing humphrey a tad crazy!?


This bubble bar was originally a lush OXFORD STREET EXCLUSIVE for the aster range back in 2016. I am pleased it made an appearance in the lush kitchen however it would of been a perfect easter product.  Click here for a bubble bar cutting video of this bubble bar.


If you are a fan of Layer cake soap and passion fruit lip balm this would be a great one for you to try.


I used half of this with BAR HUMBUG BUBBLE BAR and together they made an INSANE AMOUNT OF BUBBLES! I think it was predominately this bubble bar what made them but i will have to use individually to determine it.


What are your thoughts on Down the rabbit hole bubble bar?



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