Floating flower  used to be part of the lush valentines range 2015 however it has not appeared since until it featured on the kitchen about a month ago. It was released on the kitchen on the 8th march, i decided to order this at a whim when i ordered 2 kisskin bubble bars and i had no idea what it was going to smell or even look like.


The scent of floating flower is pure jasmine and it shares the same scent with the ‘LUST’ range. For example, Lustre dusting powder and Godiva shampoo. Flying fox  shower gel also shares the same scent.


This is the bath art i did, i used:

  • Pink fun
  • Blue fun
  • Reindeer and robin fun
  • Snow fairy shower gel
  • Yuzu and cocoa shower cream
  • Lord of misrule shower cream
  • Lady bird bubble bar


Fun is actually really hard to hold shapes!


This bath bomb is very slow and frothy, this is my favourite type of bath bomb because i feel like the scent lasts longer and you get the best bath art photos.


This took approximately 7 minutes to dissolve which was a perfect amount of time for me to take photos and film a demo!


CLICK HERE for a demo of floating flower bath bomb

The scent of floating flower is very marmite like, you either love it or hate it. In my case i love it! I really wish lush did more Jasmine scented products because they are spectacular!

I hope you all had a lovely easter! Check my recent youtube video out which is a Easter themed bath!




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