Bouncy bunny shower jelly was originally released back in 2016 as a main line easter product. However it sadly didn’t make a return to the main line range in 2017. All us lushies where anxiously waiting for it to appear on the kitchen and it finally did!

This shower jelly retailed for £4.25 however for some reason it appeared on the kitchen for £2.12 so my lovely lush friend @The lady lush managed to grab me one.

IMG_5362This shower jelly is suitable for vegans and is 90g. I actually wish they did a bigger version so you could have a big and small bunny? How cute would that be!


 Main ingredients

Carrageenan extract: ( Substitute for gelatine)

Brazilian orange oil: Carries great properties to help  inflamed skin and is a great antiseptic in clearing bacteria out of cuts.


I do think this shower jelly is to flimsy for me to keep it in its original state so i may need to chop it up.

To me the first initial scent reaction i get is ” Bouncy bunny smells like Jaffa cakes!”  This shower jelly is part of a very small scent family, with it only being this and MODfather bubble bar. I hope in the future that this scent family range expands.

Overall if you are unsure about purchasing bouncy bunny shower jelly in the future i highly would say yes if you are a fan of very zagny and orange scents!





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