If you know and feel  the pure excitement of waiting weeks to go into a lushstore and then when you do you spend 3X the amount of money than planned.. i can confirm that you are addict to lush!  This is what happened to me on the 23rd of may. I knew i didn’t really have a spend limit but knew i couldn’t go crazy.                                                                 If you would like to see the youtube version of the haul click here.



I celebrate fathers day with my grandad so with that in mind was only buying the exclusive products for myself.. as this was the case i boycotted “Super dad” bath bomb because i thought it would make me quite upset using it. Now the Modafther has had an exciting makeover from last year! Last year the colours where throughout the bubble bar and it would break some easily. The design has been revamped and i have to say i prefer it! With it sharing the same scent as Bouncy bunny shower jelly  it is perfect to use when you need a brazzilan orange oil pick me up!


I rarely buy soap in lush and i ask for samples instead, this is because i would never use 100g worth of it and it’s not like i am just going in there for samples. I also find that staff are more willing to give you a sample if you already have items in your basket. Remember each store has different policies.



The reveal of the revamp of the new think pink bath bomb was shown at the lush summit earlier in the year. Initially i was very sad to see the old think pink leave because it was my first ever bath bomb however sometime change is good! ( review will be coming soon)





I am going to stock up on 4-5 of the mod father bubble bars however i knew the range is staying till fathers day so i have enough time to stock up. The bubble bar is smaller this year i think however the scent is incredible as usual! ( review coming soon).

The comforter bubble bar is my go to bubble bar when my anxiety is bad or when i want simple pink bath. I made sure i picked up a very chunky one!

Ladybird bubble bar to me is everything what a bubble bar should be! It is cute, has a very unique scent and can be paired with multiple  products. This bubble bar won’t be around for long though ( leaving the stores at the end of june) so i will be purchasing 2-3 more to last me till next year. Click here to see my demo of ladybird bubble bar



So 2 bath bombs from my list turned to 5….! I orginally was going to purchase butter ball bath bomb and the new think bath bomb however when looking round the store i realised i hadn’t used Frozen, dragons egg and avobath bath bomb in such a long time. I halve all my bath bombs to save money though. ( reviews of all of these will be coming in the foreseeable future)



I had only ever tried a sample of the ocean salt face and body scrub so when i saw the new botanical packaging i had to purchase it! ( review coming soon) The two charity pots are for my nana as part of her birthday present. I am doing some Lush Diys soon so i needed some bath melts… (All will be revealed soon!) The tea tree toner tab i also purchased for a diy ( plus it is only £1!) The stairway to heaven soap was a sample i got at the till ( review coming soon)



Overall this haul cost be £55… However i had been on a lush ban for 3 weeks and i had some birthday money! What reviews would you like to see? Can you spot your favourite product?!





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