Scrubee  is a new product and was part of the lush mothers day range 2017 however due to popular demand on the 2nd of June it was officially made a mainline product! This was expected among us lushies however having it confirmed makes it very exciting!


With it retailing for a hefty amount of £6.95 at first glance i was put off by the price. However when i received Scrubeee as a birthday gift from my friend Georgie my pre conceived thoughts changed regarding the price.


The unique concept of Scrubee is that it feels like a massage bar however it is a scrub as well. This is perfect to use if you are in a rush with it being a 2  in one product.


I have always stayed away from body scrubs from lush, for example the main line sugar scrub. I find that all the scrubs are to harsh even on my “Normal skin” However Scrubee is not only moisturising but also very exfoliating. If you are unsure on whats scrub  to purchase from lush i recommend Scrubbeee very highly!


Overall i highly recommend scrubee! Are you a fan of this buzzing bee?!




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