Cup o coffee face and body mask review

Cup o coffee face mask is a unique lush facemask as it is an exfoliating facemark and it’s  very similar to Mask of magminty.                                                                                                  This face and body mask is suitable for vegans as it contains organic agave syrup instead of honey. So am i fan of this crazy  coffee scented face mask and do i recommend it? Keep on reading to find out!



First of all packaging wise it is in the standard lush black pot, with it retailing for £6.75 for 100g it is a reasonable price because it is self preserving. Even though it doesn’t state to store in the fridge i do because sometimes the agave syrup can seep through the edges of the lid.

Initial first impressions:

I was sceptical about purchasing this facemask  because i hate the taste of coffee however adore the scent.Prior to purchasing i had tried two samples so i knew roughly what i was expecting. I use this mask as a face mask only as when i tried it as a body mask i used to much product and i felt rather sticky.

img_3742I tend to use this facemark  either when i need to an energy boost or if i have had a long day and my skin feels  ” dirty”. I will typically use it twice a week however it will vary. The scent reminds me of a cozy  coffee shop!

Main ingredients:

  •  organic agave syrup:  Great for healing broke skin and holds anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  •   Coffee Infusion: ( of course!) Helps  boost circulation and blood flow to wake up skin and senses at the same time.

You really don’t need to use much of the facemask itself to cover your whole face. This is what makes it more affordable than the fresh facemasks for example Cupcake facemask because you don’t have a short time restriction on how log you have to use it.


When i wash this facemask off i apply hot water and start rubbing my face in circular motions ( like you would with a facial exfoliator) as this helps remove blackheads from my nose and chin.  It can be quite sticky when removing it so make sure to use an old flannel due to preventing stains.

Would i recommend this facemask?

I would say this face mask might be to harsh on dry/ sensitive skin however if you are unsure definitely ask for a sample in your local lush. If you have oily/ acne prone skin i highly recommend that you give this facemask a go! I have found that it helps remove black heads, excess dirt and grime and also helps my skin to look more glowing and fresh.

Are you a fan of Cup o coffee face and body mask?


Stay groovy!!




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