Whoosh shower jelly review

I have a love/hate relationship with shower jellies partly because the scents don’t stand out to me,So for some reason i always seem to pick up the exclusive ones. I have always overlooked whoosh shower jelly when i am in the lush stores and there is no particular reason why it’s  just that it never really stood out to me. I received this shower jelly as a gift for my birthday, i honestly think if i wasn’t gifted this shower jelly i would of never tried it.


Main ingredients:

  • Lemon – Lemon can stop bleeding in minor cuts so would be great to use if your skin is sore or has mild cuts ( it is also a good insect repellent)
  • Rosemary oil – This was one of the first herbs to be used for medicinal purposes.

As this shower jelly does contain Rosemary oil you shouldn’t use this product if you are pregnant or have high blood pressure. ( I am unsure why but that what it states when searching the properties of Rosemary oil)

Initial first impressions:

When i first opened the pot the first scent i could smell was rosemary oil, i was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the blue was of this shower jelly. I decided to cut half of it up an keep the other half whole.



What would i match this with?

As there are a lot of  main  ingredients in this product and it doesn’t have a scent family i would choose products based around the main ingredients which are Lemon oil, lim oil and rosemary oil.

For example :


Down the rabbit hole bubble bar would match well with this shower jelly because of it containing similar scented ingredients.


Over and over bath bomb contains a lot of Brazilian orange oil which would compliment the lime aspect in the shower jelly.

Would i recommend this shower jelly?

I have to say i didn’t have high hopes for this shower jelly but it pleasantly surprised me. It’s definitely not one of my go to products/ favourites however it does pair up with other scents nicely.

Rating: 5/10 ( 3rd July 2017)



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