June lush purchases

I would love to say that june is a 70 day month and that is why i have accumulated so much lush over such a short period of time however sadly June consists of 30 days. That means over the course of 720 hours i managed to spend a bit more money than i should of on lush products. However i did still have birthday money left and some where RAOK! I will just state that in no way am i trying to brag/ boast as the is a blog dedicated to lush i think its important and enjoyable for me to show  you all the lush products i have bought.

Click here to watch my online lush haul

Click here to watch my store lush haul



Avoshower: £11.25 from a Facebook destash ( only product i am not keen on)

Celebrate shower gel: Raok from Lush_ obsessed_josie

Hot toddy: £11.25 from an instagram destash



Sweetie pie: Raok from Geethelushie

93,000 miles: £4.25 purchased in store



( Top left to bottom right)

Modfather : £3.95 each purchased in store ( Fathers day exclusive) Click here for a demo

Rose jam bubbleroon: £3.95 purchased in store

Pop in the bath: £3.95 purchased in store

Holy golightly :  £4.95 each  purchased from an instagram destash

Santas sack: £3.95  purchased from an instagram destash

Wizard: £4.25 purchased from an instagram destash

Pepping santa: Raok  from the instagram destash


Butterball: £2.75 made in the store

Monstersball bathbomb: £4.25 each  purchased from a destash

Twilight bath bomb: £3.95 purchased in store

Tisty tosty: £3.50 purchased in store



( The samples where all from online purchases/ destashes)



Tea tree toner water: £4.75 purchased instore

Kerbside violet solid perfume: RAOK




So as you can obviously see  i did buy a bit more lush than i anticipated to!                            If you would like any reviews on any of the products i have purchased  please comment below! As i have finished college for the summer i have more time for blogging so any blog post requests i am more than happy to do!


Stay groovy!



One thought on “June lush purchases

  1. Great haul! I’ve not been buying too much lately however the kitchen has been really good the past week and next week is really good too so I do expect some parcels in the post!


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