🌹Sweet rose Bath cocktail ( Lush)🌹

I haven’t written  about my baths in a while so i thought i would share with you all this bath cocktail i had a few days ago. Some of you may be aware of this but if you aren’t my boiler has currently broken so i am bathing at my Nanas  once a week. That means when i am having my weekly bath i will be making it as indulgent as possible! Anyway enough of me rambling and lets see what i used!

Click here to watch my youtube video of this bath cocktail! 🌹

                                        Products used:


Rose jam shower gel: Christmas exclusive 

Why can’t rose jam shower gel be available all year?! It is such a gorgeous scent and i would honestly not associate it with christmas. Luckily you can get a 100g bottle in the rosie gift set which is available all year round.


Amandopondo bubble bar: Kitchen exclusive 

I decided to use half of amandopondo bubble bar because i knew that would be enough to create loads of fluffy bubbles! A review of this bubble bar will be coming soon.


Rose bubble bar: Kitchen exclusive

Rose bubble bar is so tiny! Although it doesn’t share the rose jam scent it still holds a faint rose and lemon scent Click here for my review on this bubble bar and here for a demo of the bubble bar on my youtube channel. 


Rose jam shower jelly: Kitchen exclusive 

Rose jam shower jelly smells identical to the shower gel, sometimes the same scent in different formats can vary however in this case it is spot on! Click here to read my review on this shower jelly.


TIsty tOsty bath bomb: Mainline range

I always overlook this bath bomb when i am in the store, to me appearance wise it dent do anything what interests me however i decided to not judge a bath bomb by its cover and try it out! ( review coming soon)


Rose jam bubbleroon: Mainline range

I could talk about this amazing bubble bar for hours! And i will be in my next review…


Rose bombshell bath bomb: Mothers day exclusive 

As much as i love the rose jam scent in a bath bomb i just find that rose bombshell fizzes away so quickly i cannot enjoy it to its full potential. However paired with TIsty tOsty it works rather nicely.


Madame butterfly reusable bubble bar: Kitchen exclusive

Madame butterfly reusable bubble bar is part of the rose jam scent family. Sadly it was a kitchen exclusive because if it wasn’t i would of purchased multiples of these!                 Click here for a demo of this bubble bar on my youtube channel.


Ro’s argan gourmet soap: Mainline range

With this soap being a OS for a while, when it made its way to all stores i was she excited! I decided to pick up a sample as it is £7.50 for 120g and i had already spent enough money in lush. (A review will be coming very soon)




I always like to chop my bubble bars up and but them in a  jar prior to use because i feel like you get more usage out of them.


This was the water once i had added the bubble bars, shower jelly and shower gel.


I then ran Madame butterfly reusable bubble bar under the water for about 3o seconds and then left it to dry on a soap dish


When i was happy with the scent and temperature of the bath i added in TisTy tOsty bath bomb!


The bath bomb was a very fast fizzer however the scent was so relaxing ( i will be doing a full in-depth review soon)


Finally i washed myself with Ro’s argan gourmet soap


Overall this bath cocktail made me feel beautiful and happy inside and out! Its great to use if you are in a happy mood or if you are celebrating.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I am off to Oxford street lush on the 19th of july so expect a post about that 💞










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